About Us

About BrookBerry's Landscaping & Home Improvement

BrookBerry's Landscaping & Home Improvement was launched in 2014 in an effort to showcase our services as the best Lawn care, Landscaping, Snow and ice management, and Home improvement contractor in the entire northwest part of New Jersey. Our service packages are second to none when it comes to project success rate, customer communications, material quality, and reliability to ensure your project is done on-time and on budget. We created our service company with a different approach that  is geared towards customer satisfaction and seamless operations to help make our customers feel like they joined a family based business. The intent was to help add value to their home with our professional services and save time and money. 

The Owner

Hello, my name is Philip Stevens and I originally grew up in the Northwest NJ area and worked for many landscaping companies since the age of 17. Throughout the years I continued working in the Landscape and Home Improvement industry and have a pretty diverse skillset in the field. In addition, I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and work for many large organizations in the IT field for approximately 15 years. In addition, I graduated from the University of Maryland with a Masters Degree in Business and started BrookBerry's Landscaping & Home Improvement to continue my passion, which is helping people design and implement their dream homes and landscapes. Over the years I developed a friendly and customer focused mentality, attention to detail, quest for excellent and quality workmanship which I leverage everyday.


 From your home to your office - curb appeal and a homes design/installations is an important part of an establishment's visual impression. We believe it ought to be beautiful, thoughtful, and well done.