Partners & Affiliates

Partners & Affiliates

We work closely with several key Partners & Affiliates in the Landscape and Home Improvement industry. These relationships help build the best services for our customers.


Lawn Maintenance fertilization and weed control

Effective immediately BrookBerry's and TruGreen are working together  to provide the best in class, being seamless and complete in a Lawn Care  solution for your property.

Who is TruGreen?

For  over forty years, TruGreen® has been committed to helping homeowners in  North America achieve a healthy and lush lawn. After all, what started  as a small company in 1973 is now America’s #1 lawn care company, all  thanks to one simple principle: TruGreen loves lawns.

Why TruGreen?

From  its humble beginnings in Michigan to its current widespread reach  across North America and Canada, TruGreen has spent over four decades  ensuring customer satisfaction through a lawn care approach that is  effective, innovative and responsible.

• Using only tested  and EPA-registered products to fertilize and treat your lawn, TruGreen  services help you achieve a lawn you'll love safely, efficiently and  consistently.

• TruGreen prides itself in training and licensing  PhD-certified specialists who are not only fully knowledgeable about all  things lawn care, but who also stay ahead of the curve through  continuous training throughout their tenure at the company.

• A  company focused on customer satisfaction, TruGreen strives to educate  its customers in order to help them achieve a lawn that they will love.  This includes giving customers an overview of the condition of their  lawn through the Healthy Lawn Analysis®; ensuring customer satisfaction  with the Healthy Lawn Guarantee®; and educating customers on proper  mowing and watering techniques so they can be an active participant in  achieving a lawn they love.

What does this mean?

TruGreen  will offer BrookBerry’s discounted rates on all Fertilization, Weed  Control, Mosquito control, and Tree/Shrub applications for all  BrookBerry's customers.

What are the benefits?

BrookBerry's  will continue providing the best in class Lawn Maintenance (mowing and  landscaping, etc) and TruGreen will provide the best in class Lawn Care  Service (Fertilizing, Tree Care,  Weed Control, etc). Together your lawn  will look immaculate - simply the best in the neighborhood.

Also  - it is completely seamless. You will have BrookBerry's as a single  point of contact for scheduling, billing, etc.. Also, since we are  working on your property weekly, we will ensure the lawn is fertilized,  weed free, and looking great.

What is the TruGreen Service?

TruGreen  recommends a 6 Step (called rounds) program throughout the season,  which is from April to November. These rounds are applied approximately  every 5 weeks and each round includes Fertilizer weed control. We also  have pricing for other services like Grub Control.

However,  customers have the option to perform as little as 4 or 5 applications.  TruGreen is flexible and also has our mowing schedules so they can  coordinate which days to come Fertilize.

How do I sign up?

If  you would like a free estimate, please email and I will provide pricing  for you. Signing up is easy as 1-2-3 , and there are no commitments and  contracts. Just let me know and we can enroll your property. You can  cancel at any time.

J&R Tree Service

Tree services

At BrookBerry’s we provide hedge and small  tree trimming (up to 15′ in height). However we understand the need to  larger tree work and work closely with J&R Tree Services.

Over the years we have partnered with  J&R Tree Tree service to seamlessly provide the best tree services our  customers desire and deserve.  They are located in Mt. Olive, NJ  and provide excellent tree trimming and removal services, quick response  times, and reasonable rates for all of our customers.


Jobber application

Field service management software that’s ready to work

From quoting to getting paid, in every area of our business, Jobber saves  you time. Our features help you manage your team, your clients, and your  business, without breaking a sweat.

Bookberry's customers can experience an online environment that enable them to use a ClientHub feature to view their account, which includes online invoices, quotes, jobs, and submit new work requests. On each invoice there is always on option to seamlessly pay online.

Clients also get reminders on jobs prior to when the crews show up so there is no guess work on when we will be onsite and communication is always open.

For more information on Jobber you can click the link below.