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Common Misconceptions about a Landscaping company – Part 1

Common Misconceptions about a Landscaping company – Part 1

As a professional landscaping company I often see common misconceptions about a landscaping company. In this article (part 1 of 5) I am going to describe what I feel is an important topic: Low bids and Quotes offer the best value.

The primary misconception about the Landscaping and Lawn Care industry that I face on a daily basis when answering requests and providing estimates is: “The landscape company with the most-affordable rates offers the best value”

First of all, just because the price is affordable doesn’t mean that the job they do will be of high quality. Typically it is the exact opposite. I see tons of low bids and some people do end of taking them and then calling me back after a while and using our services. I tell customers who questions pricing the following:

1. Do your homework and ask to speak to a few references about the work done by the landscaping company before you buy into a low bid. (You can check our Download section on How to Hire a Landscape Misconceptions about a Landscaping Company

2. You should also check their estimate to make sure they have NJ Insurance and License information on their estimate, priced certain materials correctly. Contractors that are slightly less trustworthy may list cheaper materials, such as wooden beams that are smaller than the ones required, in order to make the estimate seem lower. Always be careful with a contractor that offers the lowest bid.

3. Take a look at the company image and structure. Do they look professional and how is their equipment? Unfortunately there are shady landscapers out there that have broken down equipment, will show up on your property shirtless, and make a mess of your property. At BrookBerry’s Landscaping we have all high quality equipment that is maintained, company attire that is required, and take pride in the quality of the work we are doing.

I know the budget is an extremely import focus point for every customer but there are key benefits to using a high quality company.

Reap the benefits and value:

  • Save Time – More free time to enjoy things in your life. Spend more time with the family or enjoy your hobbies and activities.
  • Save Money – Less expensive than purchasing your own equipment and maintaining it.
  • Less Stress – Added value to your home since we will make your property look beautiful.

The truth is we are a professional and family operated company that will not rush through each job to just make an extra dollar, but treat your home as if it was ours.

My belief and vision is that Landscaping is an art form…it ought to be beautiful, thoughtful, and well done. Always.


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